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We are the best towing South Gate service provider to call when you need towing services. Our team of professional and experienced drivers will see to it that you receive fast, honest and affordable services. When you need a tow in South Gate, look no further.

Leading Towing Company in South Gate

Why are we the leader in South Gate Towing Services? Because we go the extra mile meet your roadside service needs. Towing South Gate cars are like breathing to us. We have countless satisfied clients. We are the best towing professionals to call when you need towing services. Our professional and efficient drivers will reach you as quickly as possible. Our friendly driver will get your vehicle hooked up to his hauler safely and efficiently, with our industry proven safety check procedure. We always turn a nasty situation into a positive one. Once we complete our service, there will be a smile on your face!

 Towing Services

Got stuck on the road? No need to worry, because we can do it all! You want a towing company that can tow cars or trucks of any size, or special vehicles like RVs and motorcycles, be sure to call us! Need to change flat tires? Call us up and we can get you rolling! Car battery needs a jump start? Let our state of the art equipment do the job! We provide car lockout service, and our pricing is reasonable that you find it unbelievable! We know how hard it is when you need help on the side of the road. That’s why we will reach you as fast as possible when you need roadside assistance service or towing service in South Gate. We’re the most trustworthy business in the city, no matter what time it is.

Roadside Assistance

It’s late past midnight; suddenly smoke is billowing from under the hood. The car is coming to a stop. You’ve got a problem. You pull over to check out the problem, and you know this is a problem you can solve. This is when the best towing South Gate and roadside assistance provider comes into action, just give us a call and be ready to be rescued!

Towing South Gate - (213) 293-3716Exotic Car Towing

You were out enjoying the night with your friends, in a luxurious Ferrari. Suddenly, something went wrong with your car and it came to a stop. Your precious valuable car can’t be just left on the roadside like that. You can’t trust towing companies who are not qualified to tow your asset. We totally understand that. This is why we at Jay’s Towing South Gate have highly trained technicians that you can rely on to safely transport exotic car.

Flat Tire Change

Changing tires in your home garage is not easy; imagine changing it on a busy highway. With the cars traveling to and fro, it will be dangerous to do it all alone. Don’t take the risk, take the call to contact us! We can help you do everything you need, so you can rest easy and get ready to go.

Car Lockout

If you are locked out of your car, consider calling the best car lockout service in South Gate. Sometimes people can be forgetful, locking themselves out of their own car. Don’t panic, because we have the knack of car lockout services. In fact, we can be arguably cheaper than a regular locksmith. Just watch us arrive and open your car door for you.

Battery Jump Start

It can be frustrating when your car simply breaks down. You find out that your car battery is flat, and your mind goes blank. However, you remember one thing, our contact number (213) 293-3716! You dialed the number, and tell us what you need. Before you know it, we are there to jump start your car and get it starting again!

Winch Out

Is your car stuck in the mud or ditch? You may be driving with care most of the time, but sometimes people make mistakes. Call us anytime and we can help you to winch out your car, most of the time without serious damage. However occasionally the vehicles may be damaged due to driver’s mistake, we can offer to help you send to a car garage of your choice. If the tire is flattened, we can offer to change the tire for you.

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