Moving a vehicle can be a difficult job; the road may be hidden with debris which can cause damage to the wheels or scratch the vehicle. In order to solve such problems, tow trucks are necessary. However, there is need to identify the right tow trucks for the right situations. Wheel lift tow trucks will lift one end of the towed vehicle, whereas flatbed tow truck can carry the towed vehicle on its flatbed or platform. In this article, we shall discuss about the advantages of using flatbed tow trucks:

1. No Damage Caused to the Vehicle

In the traditional methods of towing, all the four wheels of a car keep touching the ground while they are being transported from one place to another. However, the flatbed tow trucks ensure that all the four wheels of the towed car are on the flat platform of the tow truck. Also, when transporting vehicles using a chain or hook type of tow truck, the bumper of the towed vehicle can get damaged. With flatbed tow trucks, you don’t have to worry about any type of damage to the towed vehicle.

2. Time Saver

When using a tow dolly or similar towing method, there is need to remove the drive shaft in order to avoid transmission damage. However, with flatbed towing, one won’t face such issue. The tow truck driver can either use the winch to load the vehicle, or simply by driving it up the platform, which makes loading much easier. There are also instances where flatbed towing is the only option. Example is when a car has broken axle.

3. Safety Guaranteed

It is one safe method amongst all the towing methods. With a hydraulics bed that allows the vehicle to be driven or loaded up to the ramp or platform, and lowered horizontally. Due to the stability of flatbed, long distance transportation is recommended to be done using flatbed towing. Another plus point is that it can be used for various types of vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, heavy duty vehicles, luxury cars, custom made cars and so on.

4. Used on Various Vehicles and Towing Situations

Sometimes certain vehicles are challenging to be lifted up, this is where flatbed tow truck can come in handy. They can be employed for towing different vehicles from one place to another with great efficiency. For heavier vehicles, the platform will be lowered for it to be driven up, all a winch mechanism will be used to pull the vehicle. For damaged cars or vehicles, they just need to be loaded onto the flatbed and secured with straps tightly. For other methods, towing may not be as easy because there is chance to pull off certain parts of the vehicles when attempting to hook them or load them. Furthermore, more efforts have to be put in to get the same job done.


Towing operators may have different approach when facing certain towing situations. It is generally advisable to use flatbed tow trucks for damaged vehicles, high-valued and luxury cars or for longer distance towing.

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